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  1. Nevertheless, they are frequently abused to try and enhance athletic performance or fitness and by body builders lasix po to iv conversion In still another aspect, the present disclosure relates to a composition comprising Z endoxifen or a salt or polymorph thereof prepared by any of the processes described herein, wherein the composition is administered to a subject either alone in combination with a second therapeutic agent, and wherein the second therapeutic agent is bicalutamide, enzalutamide, or an anticancer drug such as trastuzumab, antineoplastic such as capecitabine Xeloda, carboplatin Paraplatin, cisplatin Platinol, cyclophosphamide Neosar, docetaxel Docefrez, Taxotere, doxorubicin Adriamycin, PEGylated liposomal doxorubicin Doxil, epirubicin Ellence, fluorouracil 5 FU, Adrucil, gemcitabine Gemzar, methotrexate multiple brand names, paclitaxel Taxol, protein bound paclitaxel Abraxane, vinorelbine Navelbine, eribulin Halaven, ixabepilone Ixempra, or inhibitors of ATP binding cassette transporters

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