Growth groups

We Build Family as we intentionally challenge ourselves with spiritual growth. This happens through our Growth Groups.

As we intentionally seek to grow together in community, that spiritual growth leads us to

Feed our community…

LHC @ Faith UMC Growth Group

Leader:  Ed Coleman –

Meets:  During Sunday School @ 11:15

Starting April 8th – Meets as needed until Church-Wide launch.

Location:  Fellowship Hall

Topic(s):  Life’s Healing Choices Book Study/Group

All are welcome!


Ladies Growth Group

Leader:  Denise Clark –

Meets:  Mondays @ 6:30 PM

Location:  Education Building

Topic(s):  Currently studying the Gospel of John.  Prayer and fellowship are also key components of this group.

All ladies are welcome!


Young families GROWTH group

Leader:  Jonathan Sanchez

Meets:  TBD

Location:  Home Study/Group

Topic(s):  Bible Study, Prayer, Fellowship, Accountability

Children are welcome!

Snacks most often will be available!